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The fascinating environment, in harmony with nature, allows to intensify the taste of those mediterranean flavours and fragrances of earth and sea, that are the result of a wise culinary art.  
The restaurant Porto San Paolo provides exclusively fresh fishes, unloaded by boats of "Saccensi" fishermen. An exclusive and polished menu in cooking methods offers various dishes; starting to the Porto San Paolo appetizer composed by crudit√® of fresh pickled and grilled fishes that create a sweet conflict between hot and cold and between cooked and uncooked.  Between the first dishes is to underline the "nicchiole Porto San Paolo" a short pasta with the shape of a shell with basil, garlic, parsley and tomato sauteed with swordfish; the noodles with lobster, spaghetti of shrimps and sea urchins and another kind of pasta with prawns and fennel. Between the second dishes the chef advices the Porto San Paolo mixed grill composed by swordfish, shrimps, prawns and fresh grilled fishes, the swordfish cooked in stew with capers, onion, olives and cous cous of fishes. Instead between the second courses of meat the chef advices the "Rocca regina" grilled meat with angus, roast beef and sausage.